What is a Science?

What is a scienceThe scientific characteristic is that the scientific method is used, its non-verifiable foundations and future can be used to test the data and where the results will be the same each time against the same conditions. Conducting several applied fields of economic examination: The experimental economics and behavior of consumers, the focus of human subjects in the examination; And in the branches of the Econometrics the focus of the examination of missing data is included through controlled testing. Sometimes it is difficult for economists to find standard and practical reviews related to human subjects, as it is said in other social sciences on the same topic.

Social science is the subject of observational science or science, it is a subject of controversy in the twentieth century. Some philosophers and scientists, especially Karl Poppers, declare that observational molecules, molecules or theories cannot be called scientific until it is rejected by observation, and will not be proved false. Critics complain that the economy cannot always set the right results, but economists give many examples of people’s controlled tests that they can make the right decision without the laboratory. May Establishing the theory of economics is related to the observation of social behavior and economics is not natural law or eternal truth due to non-physical reasoning.

This is what criticizes the economy as a science. Generally, economists respond to the difficult situation that can happen in the present time, using statistical methods such as ecometrics and using data from the real world, they do not test the microscope. In the framework of experimental economics laboratories, at least some of the predictions of economic theory are examined – which gives Vernon Smith and Daniel Kannaman the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel in 2002.

Yet, in developing an economic model of the world through analysis, economists and professors, Deirdre McCloskey, have been able to use some data to prove and undermine models of other types of economics like ‘Professor of Mathematical Economics’ by ‘McCloskey Analysis’. He argued that the expansion of analysis of religious equations is an attempt to make big efforts of economists to fail. The Economist replied that it is not only economics but also against science. Critical criticism of McCloskey’s complex analysis is that he has avoided such examples of the religious analysts on other economic issues, and his allegations are unreasonable.

Nobel Prize winner and philosopher Friedrich Hayek said that economics is a social science, but it is argued that if used in the economy, the method of physical science will bring wrong results and it is considered unscientific when the simplest of the behavior of mechanical and different thinking areas is formed. .

The economy is called “illusion science” by jokes. Even in the nineteenth century, due to arguments, its proper foundation was developed, even though the name of economics was strained.

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