What is a Science?

The scientific characteristic is that the scientific method is used, its non-verifiable foundations and future can be used to test the data and where the results will be the same each time against the same conditions. Conducting several applied fields of economic examination: The ...Read More

The Impact of the Market Economy

Market Economy: According to a large section of economists, the introduction and expansion of the market economy is one of the main reasons for the increase in the amount of unrestricted labor through the temporalization of labor. After the introduction of the market economy ...Read More

Early Economic Thought

Though of ancient economy contemporary of Chinese, Persian, Mesopotamia, Romak, Greek and Arab civilization. Among the ancient writers of economic thought are Chanqya, Aristrotol, kin Si Huang, Tomas Ekinas, Ibn Khaldun. In the 14th century to 17th century Josef Sumpetar considered the wise people ...Read More

The Beginnings of Economics

Economy or economics is a part of social science which discuss about the product and credit production, supply, Exchange, distribution and also sufferance and consumer behavior. Resources limited but demand unlimited- knowing this main thing economics ambition is use resources with consciousness. Economy is ...Read More